Question tag in hindi

आज की इस post में हम आपको question tag बनाना सिखाएंगे और Question tag in hindi भी देखेंगे इस post के बाद आपको किसी भी exam में इस topic से सम्बंधित कोई परेशानी नहीं आएगी।

Question tag in hindi

question tag kise kahate hain:

किसी भी बात को conforme करने के लिए sentense में जोड़ा गया एक छोटा सा tag, question tag कहलाता है यह हमेशा question के अंत में use होता है जोकि question के रूप में होता है।

हिंदी में बोलते समय है न english में question tag कहलाता है।

  • He is working very hard, isn’t he?
  • वह वहुत कठिन परिश्रम कर रहा है , है न ?

question tag rules in hindi

Question tag :


सेंटेंस में एक अगर positive statement है तो question tag Negative व अगर statement negative है तो question tag positive बनता है।

हमेशा question tag में helping verb + not का short form use करेंगे न की फुल फॉर्म।

हमेशा question tag में pronoun ही use करेंगे Nominative/ subjective cause – He, she, It, they, you, we, I न की noun(Name, person, place) भले ही subject noun दे रखा है।

जो tense statement का है बही tense, question tag का भी होगा या जो modal (will, shall, would, should, might, can, could, etc) statement में use है वही question tag में आएगा।

कुछ important pronoun

  1. Boy – He
  2. Boys – they
  3. girl – she
  4. people – they
  5. man – he
  6. woman – she
  7. pen, wall, marker – it
  8. pens, walls, marker – they

Helping verb + not का short form

Question tag in hindi
  1. Does not – doesn’t
  2. Do not – don’t
  3. Is not – isn’t
  4. Are not – aren’t
  5. Am not – aren’t
  6. Has not – hasn’t
  7. Have not – haven’t
  8. Did not – didn’t
  9. Was not – wasn’t
  10. Were not – weren’t
  11. Had not – hadn’t
  12. Will not – Won’t
  13. Shall not – shan’t
  14. Can not – can’t
  15. Could not – couldn’t
  16. Would not – wouldn’t
  17. May not – mayn’t
  18. Might not – mightn’t
  19. Must not – mustn’t
  20. Ought not to – oughtn’t
  21. Should not – shouldn’t
  22. Need not – needn’t
  23. Dare not – daren’t

Question tag examples

  1. I teach here, don’t I?
  2. She goes there every day, doesn’t she?
  3. I do not run, do I?
  4. He does not run, does he?
  5. He is working in Canada, isn’t he?
  6. You are cheating him, aren’t you?
  7. He has told me before, hasn’t he?
  8. You have asked your father it, haven’t you?
  9. He has been running since morning, hasn’t he?
  10. I was hungry, wasn’t I?
  11. you will go there tomorrow, won’t you?
  12. you can do it, can’t you?
  13. I will not follow you, will I?
  14. Boys are smart, aren’t they?
  15. These girls top the class, don’t they?
  16. This bottle is empty, isn’t it?
  17. You should respect our elders, shouldn’t you?


अगर sentence का main subject one है तो question tag में भी one का ही use करते है तब one + helping verb/ main verb होगा न की one of + noun.


  1. One should keep one’s promise, shouldn’t one?
  2. One must respect one’s elder, musn’t one.


अगर sentece की शुरुआत there से है तो question tag में भी there का ही use करते है।


  1. There was a king, wasn’t there?
  2. There are not many problems, are there?
  3. There is a saying, ” honesty is the best quality” , isn’t there?


अगर sentence का subject this या that है तो question tag में pronoun it का use करते है न की he , she , या they का।


  1. This is a fan, isn’t it?
  2. That was not your fault, wasn’t it?


अगर this + noun/ that + noun sentece में दिया हो main subject वह noun होता है जो दिया है इसलिए question tag में pronoun उसी noun के हिसाब से आता है।


  1. That girl was my cousin, wasn’t she?
  2. This boy is lazy, isn’t he?


कुछ negative word है अगर sentece में होंगे तो उनका question tag हमेशा positive बनेगा व pronoun उन्ही के हिसाब से आएंगे।

Not, seldom, hardly, scarcely, rarely, barely, little, few, neither, none, nothing, nobody.


  1. Nobody is dishonest here, are they?
  2. Neither is a liar, are they?
  3. Nothing is easy, is it?
  4. I know little about it, do I?
  5. Few people attended the party, did they?
  6. He seldom goes there, does he?
  7. I hardly give any test, do I?


Somebody, anybody, everybody, nobody, someone, everyone, no one वैसे तो singular माने जाते है व helping verb भी singular लेते है but question tag में हमेशा इनके लिए pronoun they का use करते है।


  1. Someone was breaking into his house, weren’t they?
  2. Anybody can help you, can they?
  3. Everybody is intelligent here, aren’t they?
  4. Nobody bothers, do they?


अगर sentece का subject, something, nothing, everything, anything हो तो question tag में हमेशा pronoun ‘it’ का use करते है।


  1. Nothing is easy, is it?
  2. Nothing is impossible, is it?
  3. Something is stinking, isn’t it?


Used to का question tag, usen’t or didn’t किसी से भी बन सकता है अगर sentece में need not या dare not है तो question tag में dare या need ही use करते है but इनके साथ do does did + not दिया हो तो question tag में do does did का ही use करते है।


  1. I used to go there, usen’t I?
  2. He used to play, usen’t he?
  3. He need not ask anything, usen’t he?
  4. They dare not watch phobia, dare they?
  5. She does not dare to catch a cobra, does she?
  6. I do not need your help, do I?

Question tag of Imperetive sentece

वे sentece जो सीधे first form से शुरू हो Imperetive sentece कहलाते है उनमे कोई order , request , या command होता है।


  1. Go away
  2. study well
  3. shut the door

बैसे तो imperetive का question tag या तो will you होता है या won’t you लेकिन imperetive sentece negative है तो question tag, will you बनता है

अगर imperetive sentece में कोई mentally negative feeling है तब imperetive positive होने पर भी question tag, will you बनता है।


  1. switch on the fan, will you/ won’t you?
  2. Open the door won’t you/ will you?
  3. Don’t stop will you?
  4. Don’t ask him anything, will you?
  5. Mind your business, will you?

अगर किसी पर गुस्सा या झल्लाहट उतरनी हो तो question tag केवल can’t you बनता है।


  1. Shut your mouth, can’t you?
  2. Mind your language, can’t you?

आपको हमारी पोस्ट question tag rules in hindi कैसी लगी कमेंट करके जरूर बताये एक कमेंट करने में क्या जाता है जिससे हम अपनी गलती सुधार सके।

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