Idioms and phrases asked in ssc cgl 2020 exam

Idioms and phrases asked in ssc cgl 2020 हमने ये idioms एसएससी की आंसर की के माध्यम से आपको प्रोवाइड करा रहे है जितने भी शिफ्ट हुए थे उन सबको देखर ही हमने ये idoms लिखे है आशा करता हूँ आप सबको पसंद आएंगे आने बाले exams में आपके लिए बहुत फायदेमंद रहने बाले है।

आप सब को पता है की allahabad ro/ aro का भी exam आने बाला है जिसके लिए भी ये idioms महत्वपूर्ण होने बाली है।

Idioms and phrases asked in ssc cgl 2020

  1. bang for the buck – more value for money
  2. raise the war – to set higher goals
  3. to walk on air – to be very happy
  4. to take a chill pill – to calm down
  5. want to curl up and die – feel terribly ashmed and sorry
  6. be at a loss for words – not know what to say
  7. full of beans – full of energy
  8. to cut a long story short – tell something briefly
  9. to the nine – to perfection
  10. apple of one’s eye – someone very precious or dear
  11. a storm in a teacup – lot of fuss that will soon be forgotten
  12. at the eleventh hour – at the very last minute
  13. herculean task – a job that requires a large amount of physical strength
  14. pipe dream – a dream or idea that is unlikely to happen
  15. go easy on something – use only a small amount of
  16. spic and span – neat and clean
  17. wild goose chase – a worthless hunt of chase
  18. pat on the back – praise or approval for doing something good
  19. a kick in the teeth – a grave setback
  20. a stumbling block – an obstacle to progress
  21. lion’s share – the greatest and most desirable portion of something
  22. a live wire – a very active or energetic person
  23. fair and square – according to the rules
  24. sit on the fence – avoid making a decison
  25. tide someone over – give temporary help, usually financial
  26. a bad egg – someone who is dishonest and unreliable
  27. to pay lip service – to be insincere
  28. to get the ball rolling – to begin a process
  29. on the horizon – an event that is likely to happen soon
  30. through thick and thin – under all conditions
  31. on cloud nine – extremely happy
  32. draw the line at something – accept something up to a perticular point
  33. to be light years away – to be too distant for human beings to reach
  34. a fish out of water – feel uncomfortable in unfamiliar surrounding
  35. a square deal – a fair agreement
  36. on edge – nervous and unable to relax
  37. feel at sea – feel lost or confused
  38. the gift of the gab – talk well and persuasively
  39. out of the blue – completely unexpectedly
  40. twiddling one’s thumbs – feeling bored
  41. to fight tooth and nail – to fight or compete with great ferocity and intencity
  42. to fan the flames – to make a bad situation worse

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