best 50 important one-word substitutes

best 50 important one-word substitutes

  1. Amnesia – Loss of memory
  2. Atheist – A person who does not believe in the existence of God.
  3. Alien – One who resides in a country of which, he is not a citizen.
  4. Autocracy – Government by one man who has unlimited power.
  5. Autocrat – A person who rules without consulting the opinion of others.
  6. Astronomer – A person who is skilled in the science of the celestial bodies (sun, moon, stars, planets, etc.)
  7. Arsenal – A place where weapons and ammunition stored.
  8. Amnesty – A general pardon of political offenders.
  9. Ambassador – A minister representing a state in a foreign country.
  10. Allegory – A story in which ideas are symbolized as people.
  11. Anonymous – A letter or a document that does not bear the name of its writer.
  12. Antiseptic – A medicine prevents decomposing.
  13. Aristocracy – A Government run by the nobility or the rich and the elite people.
  14. Audience – An assembly of listeners.
  15. Autobiography – A life story of a person written by self.
  16. Anatomy – Scientific study of the structure of animal bodies.
  17. Analgesia – Loss of ability to feel pain while still conscious.
  18. Altruist- A person who thinks unselfishly for others.
  19. Anarchy- The absence of Government in a country.
  20. Anthropologist – A scientist who studies the development of man from his earliest beginnings.
  21. Accessible – That can be approached.
  22. Audible – That can be heard.
  23. Agnostic – one who holds the belief that nothing can be known without God.
  24. Amazon – A Warlike or masculine women (female warrior).
  25. Avoidable – That can be avoided.
  26. Adolescent – One at the state of growth between bod hood and youth.
  27. Ambidextrous – A person who is capable of using both hands with equal skill.
  28. Arbitrator – A person chosen or appointed by parties in controversy to decided their difference.
  29. Alias – Name by which a person is called at other times or in other places.
  30. Addendum – A thing that is to be added.
  31. Astrology – The theory that interprets the influence of planets and stars on human events.
  32. Ambivert – One who turns thoughts both inwards and outwards.
  33. Ascetic – one who does not pursue pleasure for the flesh.
  34. Agenda – Items of business to be discussed at a meeting.
  35. Aster – A flower that is star-shaped.
  36. English Grammar all topic easy language
  37. Agronomics – The science of land management.
  38. Bankrupt or insolvent – one cannot pay off his debts.
  39. Bigot – A person attached to any opinion, system, or party.
  40. Botanist – one who is well versed in the knowledge of plants.
  41. Bond – Agreement or engagement that a person is bound to observe.
  42. Bureaucracy – A government in which all power is controlled by the officials.
  43. Braggart – A vain, boasting fellow.
  44. Biennial – Occurring every two years.
  45. Belligerent – One who is engaged in fighting.
  46. Brittle – That breaks easily.
  47. Biped – An animal with two feet.
  48. Bigamy – the state of having two wives (or husbands ) at a time.
  49. Butcher – A person who seob is killing animals for food and selling meat.
  50. Burglar – A person who enters a building illegally in order to steal.
  51. Bier – Frame on which a dead body is carried or placed before the burial.
best 50 important one-word substitutes

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